Once again, I go to the summer bounty of the Pacific Northwest – this time to the local heirloom tomatoes.  Only available in late summer around here they are certainly something to indulge in this time of year.  They are a bit spendy but so beautiful and bursting with tomato-ey flavor with subtle differences between varieties.  They are not a symmetrical round like the supermarket tomatoes we see year-round but so worth the extra $s and ready to make something special.

When I see these beauties at the farmers markets my thoughts go to caprese salad, burgers, et. But the first thing that comes to mind is a tomato sandwich.  Not just any tomato sandwich but something out of the ordinary.  It’s the perfect time to break out the bacon jam and give a real boost to a BLT.

I chose a variety of tomato called Cherokee Purple.  It has a dep dusky rose color with a green hue around the stem with a deep crimson interior.  With a dense juicy texture and a hint of smokiness it’s a perfect choice for an extraordinary take on a common sandwich.

Here’s how you do it –

  • Brioche Loaf
  • Heirloom Tomato
  • Bacon Jam with Belly Rub Coffee Rub
  • Fresh Baby Arugula
  • Mayonnaise


Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Toast 2 slices of brioche loaf and spread one side of one slice with a generous amount of Bacon Jam with Belly Rub Coffee Rub.

Step 2

Spread one side of the second slice with mayonnaise

Step 3

Slice your tomato nice and thick, about 1/3” and layer the slices on the slice with mayonnaise

Step 4

Top the tomato slices with a handful of baby arugula

Step 5

Top the sandwich with the slice of brioche with the bacon jam

Step 6


Belly Rub Buddha

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