Matt C.


This has turned into my favorite rub (and I have a ton and have used more than I care to admit. The balance on this Rub is 10/10 and it has just enough kick to it that you know you are truly using a “Bold & Spicy” Rub. It is absolutely FANTASTIC on chicken. I use the Belly Rub “Coffee” Rub and mix in a little Bold & Spicy” for beef and its 10/10 awesome.



Only Rub You Need
Got this last week, and have used it everyday since! I’ve had fish, burgers, chicken and pork and it goes with them all. We even seasoned our roasted potatoes. To steal a phrase from Frank’s ; I put that s%#~ on everything!”


I use this on everything
This spice rub is awesome on all meats, veggies, really great on roated root vegetables too. I use it often on avocados and it takes scrambled eggs to the next level! Its really a great product!”

Synergems Elizabeth


Delicious at First Taste
I’m a fish eating vegetarian and love this rub for all my veggies, especially grilled asparagus and corn. It’s perfect on salads, avocado, cottage and flavors up everything. it’s an excellent all around rub.



The Only Spice You’ll Ever Need
My husband and I are avid cooks and we have used and experimented with nearly every rub on the market. Belly Rub is by far and away the most flavorful rub – we simply love it. The spices are rich, complex, and enhance the quality of everything we cook. The texture is similarly lovely. It delights all the senses!! We give it to our friends to share the joy. You are missing out if you do not purchase this product.

Dan A


Great Stuff on Fish
Tried this tonight on Cod in parchment with veggies. My son is a picky eater and he thought it was good, enough for him to come back for seconds. The red pepper flakes in the mix was a nice kick for the fish. This rub would make good fish tacos. I have a new pantry staple.

gregory d clauson


Great on Everything
Oh, man is this a good seasoning/rub. I’ve been using it on Eggs, Potatoes, veggies, then decided to use it as a rub on a Whole Spatchcocked chicken and then smoked it. Maybe the best one I’ve done, and I do them often. Great mix of flavors and a nice little kick on that Crispy skin! Can’t wait to use this as a rub on some other yummy things!



Great Rub on Everything We Have Tried
Have used this rub on a pork roast that we did on the rotisserie, chicken breast on the grill, a turkey breast on the grill, grilled salmon, grilled vegetables, and sprinkled it on a fresh veggie tray we did for a party. It gives everything an outstanding flavor kick; so enjoy with whatever you cook or grill.



Can Use on “Everything”. Love it!
Love Belly Rub. A friend gave me some and I used it on all meats so decided to buy my own. Really like it on hot buttered corn. Delish.

Amazon Customer

Great Flavor!
“Great flavor! We put it on meat (especially steak and burgers) and vegetables. It’s super yummy on roasted potatoes!

Amazon Customer

Sous Vide
“Using this rub to season meat before going into the sous vide. always turns out great.

Amazon Customer


“Used this as a dry rub on BBQ chicken and it turned out great. Also, sprinkled some on buttered corn and it tasted amazing. Will definitely buy again when this runs out.

Belly Rub Buddha

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